Our History

The Beginning

It takes hard work to build a business from the ground up, and that’s what Saba did – He worked hard and long through good times and slow times, through growth years and recessions. Through those years of long, hard work and solid business practices, RSB, Inc has always been a family business.


 Growing the Business

The 2010's brought some steady growth for the company. It also brought new technologies to the trucking industry. The RSB, Inc took advantage of the burst in technology and created their own, homegrown software. But even with the new efficiencies on the business end they never lost sight of what was really important and that was their drivers. The company still uses voice-to-voice communications to check in with their drivers at least twice a day while on the road.

From those early days of running two trucks the company has now grown to own and control over 50 of top-of-the-line trucks.

“We are positioned well for today’s industry needs as well as for future growth. This is because we have always focused on a solid infrastructure and have the best people in the business,” Saba Bajramovic says.

Saba’s mission is to put the best and safest product possible on the road with the right mix of customers and employees, while focusing on safety and solid training.