Connecting Dry Van Drivers with High Paying Truckloads

RSB Inc is connecting owner operators with lucrative dry van loads. We are the safest and one of the most reliable trucking companies in the industry.

Dry van shipping is one of the most common type of freight carriers in the United States. The two biggest advantages of Dry van shipping is:

  • Full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) shipping flexibility
  • Protection against the weather and other elements

At RSB Inc, we calculate the most affordable option for you when it comes to dry van transportation. Usually this means volume LTL shipping with minimal stops and cross docking. But for those who prefer scheduled on time delivery and pickup, FTL is the better dry van shipping option.

What we’ve done to create our competitive advantage is handle the entire shipping operation from departure to destination and choose only the most reputable truck drivers in the country. RSB Inc chooses drivers based off of a strict policy. We check insurance and SMS scores daily to ensure you are constantly getting the best dry van drivers.

Find Reliable and Affordable Dry Van

RSB Inc, commitment to its customers means we constantly seek ways to refine our shipping processes and lower costs. We solve all your logistical problems by hiring experts who constantly communicate and provide the most cost-effective dry van shipping solutions.

Other carriers for dry van loads keep their insurance operations separate and experience higher claims rates due to less accountability. At RSB Inc, this rarely happens, because of our strict policy on hiring new or existing driver.

Once you’re booked with us, you can feel an enormous weight lifted from your shoulders—because we handle everything.

The reliability and affordability comes from our employees who have a personal commitment to your needs. No matter the distance or cost, each project receives a dedicated logistics team who listens and delivers on your dry van shipping requirements. We are in constant contact with you and our carriers, notifying you in an instant of any changes that occur. Our drivers work around the clock to ensure your dry van loads are shipped perfectly on time.

Dry Van Carrier Dimensions

  Length Width Height Door Opening Width Door Opening Height Weight Capacity Pallet Capacity
40' Dry Van 40' 100" 110" 92" 92"  45,000 lbs 20
42' Dry Van 42' 100" 110" 92" 92"  45,000 lbs 20
45' Dry Van 45' 100" 110" 92" 92"  45,000 lbs 22
53' Dry Van 53' 100" 110" 92" 92"  45,000 lbs 26

Note: These are estimations. Dry van dimensions will vary slightly for each individual trailer.


Schedule your Dry Van Shipping Service Today!

We deliver shipments for loads requiring 53 foot air ride dry vans or smaller dry vans. Our freight specialists choose the most appropriate method of shipping for your needs, whether it’s full truckload (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL). Our dry van freight transportation services stretch across the continental United States.

Dry vans rule American roadways. The dry van is specifically designed to carry loaded pallets or boxes. Unless you require expedited LTL shipments or temperature sensitive cargo, over the road shipping in dry vans is likely the most cost-effective solution for you.

Choosing dry van shipping from RSB, Inc creates a stress free logistical experience for you. The knowledgeable staff plans and schedules your dry van transportation according to your needs. This includes situating shippers with nearby reliable owner operators with the dry van carrier necessary to ship freight quickly and efficiently.